July 26, 2010

Knitting Magic

I don't know what it is about knitting, but somehow whenever I try to make anything extra stitches magically appear on my needles, and then just as I'm close to finishing 100 rows, I find a hole in the 2nd.

Anyway, my sister is very happy with her short, hole filled red pure wool jumper I took 3 years to make.

Now I'm attempting to make my little niece the plainest of dresses, so nothing can go wrong can it? lol Except I'm stuck at the armhole, need to find myself a knitting guru who can translate pattern speak.

I found a fantastic website with the most gorgeous knitting patterns that are modern and fashionable. So often knitting patterns tend to be daggy remnants from the 1950's New Idea magazines. It's called Rebecca-Online Magazine. You can download individual patterns (they even have quite a few for free) or you can order the whole magazine which is packloaded with patterns. Definitely value for money. They also allow you to browse about 10 pages of each season's magazine so you can see what your getting. Addicted!


kellie said...

I am only able to knit in straight lines. Thus, all of my family members receive scarves.


Kathleen said...

LOL. Maybe I should do that and stop kidding myself.