January 27, 2011


On the crochet 'thread' again (tee hee). The picture above is my first hat which was from a design by the very talented Croshay Design. She has a wonderful variety of style hat patterns to choose from. The cloche being my favourite. I had this pattern for about 4 years and tried it back then but somehow my brain couldn't get the pattern. I then learnt to do what others do and use YouTube to follow the basics again and 4 years later it all fell into place. Loving it.

January 26, 2011

Crochet is Back!

I have spent so many years poring throught knitting magazines and attempting to to make items, but I'm afraid I have to come to the conclusion that knitting is not for me (yet)! So then the thought occurred to me. Why not crochet?? Well, I was always under the impression that crochet was unfashionable, just granny sqaures and mittens BUT.... I have since discovered that a whole new world of crochet designs is coming through. The latest being on the catwalks of Milan. I never knew crochet could look so good in garments.
Anyway, this is my first attempt at a cardigan and if you see the original pattern you'll wonder how I ended up with this lol. The pattern has a collar, cuffed sleeves, a longer vest etc. - but I actually really love the way my mistaken version turned out. The wide sleeves and no collar remind me of a kimono.