March 22, 2009


Weddings are a great excuse to get all dressed up. It was extra fun this time round as my sister Leonora ) who has started to sew said she would make that dress that I had in mind. We went scouring pattern books to find a pattern, I chose my fabric, a beautiful navy satin and a few weeks later, voila. Terribly exciting having a sis who can now make me clothes. Yeeha.

She had fabric left over so suggested she make a little clutch to match the dress, and who am I to refuse. Mum had the great idea of adding a 50 year old brooch of her which just finished it off. I loved the idea of having a basic bag and changing the look of it with different brooches.

Here's a pic.

March 15, 2009

Gift Cards

I told you I bore easily. Now I'm making the gift cards to go with jewellery purchases(or on their own)! I enjoy taking photos and thought why not share them around. So I've attached my pics to cardstock and voila! Personally, when I look through cards I always go to the comic aisle, love to have a good laugh - must work on some funnies. I think its a good idea to personalise them also. I'd love to receive a card with my name on the front in the text.