May 26, 2009


Treasuries are a collage of different artists works. They are so much fun to collate and really are like a little work of art on their own. I've made up three so far. Here is my beach themed one.

May 18, 2009

Viva La Moda Magazine

What a wonderful new idea. Just a few days ago I had a craving to buy an expensive fashion magazine but as I'm on the tightest of budgets bypassed it. But here is a fashion magazine with original Handmade works from mainly artists of Etsy. Really fun and interesting articles, fashion, recipes, how to's, design. 104 pages of it and all for free!!

So, I've decided to bare my wares on this great new site and spread the word.

May 11, 2009

Showcasing a Talented Artist

I have decided to start showcasing some of the talent out there in the craftworld. I love to see other people's creations/innovations and so today I'm introducing you to a talented lady from the Gold Coast, Australia. Andrea from the shop Masalachai on Etsy.

Andrea makes the most gorgeous, functional and bright bags, well made purses and soft pastel baby mobile letters - and everything is so reasonably priced. Her workmanship is perfect and shipping prices so cheap.

The bags looks flexible and comfortable and big enough to fit all your must haves but not too big to lose its style. The wallets wonderfully flat so as not to take up too much room in your bag and at only USD $10, so affordable. With the mobile letters, you buy them individually so you may want to put your child's name up on the wall or an expression of love. They make a wonderful gift.

Check it out for yourselves....