September 21, 2010

I love my work

Jewellery designing is a very competitive business and if I had to live on that alone I'd be scouring people's bin's for scraps lol

About 15 years ago, while sitting in an office, trying to plan my escape from answering phones, filing and typing, I decided to do night school and learn make up artistry. As with most of the starry-eyed students, I had plans of doing theatre, television etc. etc. - but that doesn't pay the bills so I did Wedding make-up for approx. 3 years. That wasn't bad, but my eyes lit up when I saw children's facepainting. Now this would be great fun. So I practiced designs and tried my luck basically running my finger down a list of Facepainters with their own business and cold called. I was in luck! The best move I ever made. Children are so forgiving if you're having a bad day, and just such a delight when they see their faces in the mirror. I can paint for hours and not realise the time has passed.