July 22, 2011

Money Saving Tips

Times are getting tough and every penny counts. So I've been thinking up a list of money saving tips. Today's is......

House Cleaning!

When you walk down the aisle of the shopping market, there are numerous varieties of cleaning products which all add up to be quite expensive. Really, you could replace quite a few bottles with: Vinegar, Eucalyptus Oil, Bar of Soap, Bi-carbonate Soda, Glass refillable spray bottles.

Window Cleaner: I dilute Vinegar in water. I have actually heated it before so that it evaporates as you wipe.

Bath: I just make the Bi-Carb into a paste. I wipe a smidgeon of Velvet plain soap onto the sponge first.

Stains: Eucalyptus oil tends to take out many stains and also loosens glue off bottles, and chewing gum.

Air Freshner: I have glass spray bottles that I fill with water and add a few drops of Essential Oil to. I have a range of essential oils so I'm forever chaging my scent combinations.

Oily Greasy Pans etc: I learnt this great trick for dissolving the grease from pans and grills and halving the scrubbing time. I pour some boiling water, add some vinegar and a sprinkle of bi-carb and it will fizz away the grime. Leave it for a minute and then wipe away.

Dishes: Plain Bar of soap, vinegar.

Silver: Line silver foil onto the bottom of a your sink, sprinkle some bi-carb onto it and then insert the silver.

Timber Floor: Water with some Vinegar added.

If you can get your hands on a Book by Shannon Lush, you won't regret it. I heard this lady on the radio and she had callers throwing all sorts of dilemmas at her and she had an answer for everything! She has a background in chemistry and just a real love of using alternative greener and cheaper methods (often more effective) of cleaning. I bought my book "Stainless" from Ebay.

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