August 17, 2010

Make an Aftershave for the Man in your life

Essential Oils are a must-have in my household for so many reasons. The best book on the uses of these great oils is by Dr. Valerie Ann Worwood, The Fragrant Pharmacy. She covers uses from dealing with skin problems/care, to sickness, to pet care, garden, sports injuries, household cleaning etc. They are super effective, so much cheaper and often times less harmful than off the shelf products. Essential oils are to be used as described in her book though, not more drops than she suggests because they are very concentrated. Most especially if using them for children (can be dangerous to use more oils than suggested). She has a great book dedicated to kids called Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child.

Here is an Aftershave Splash which you can adjust to your own olfactory tastes.
20ml Witchazel
60ml Rosewater
10ml cider of vinegar
10ml tincture of benzoin
Bay Ess Oil 6 drops
Lemon 6 drops
Lavender 2 drops
Rosemary 10 drops
Lime 3 drops

Add the essential oils to the benzoin and shake well for at least a minute. Then add the witch-hazel and shake again, then the rosewater and vinegar and shake again.

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