October 11, 2006


Its been quite a while since I've added anything to my Blog - I've been browsing 'round, trying to learn how to use it best. Thought I best add a few more pictures of jewellery seeings as though that what my blog is all about! I'll start with my favourite jewellery ...... Earrings


Suzi-k said...

hi Kathleen, nice to meet you. Thanks for dropping by my blog, and especially a HUGE THANK YOU for all the great ideas you came up with. I have emailed them to Curstaidh and I'm sure she will be delighted to follow up on them.
Your jewellery is lovely, i also have a thing about earrings, but my big love is huge chunky rings! I often look like a christmas tree because i can't decide which one to wear, so i just wear lots!
(BTW the k in suzi-k is for kathleen, my second name!)

Healing Expressions said...

HI Kathleen..How wonderful to discover your blog. I had to chuckle at your post on my blog giveaway! Not cheesy at all LOL....a delight to come on over and see your beautiful jewelry!
Creative Blessings!